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Customer Charter


We establish and maintain relationships with our customers. Our commitment to you is:
To be fair

  • expecting you to pay only what is due.
  • treating everyone with equal fairness.

To meet your needs by

  • answering all your enquiries efficiently the very first time
  • giving you clear and useful information on our products by assistance at enquiry office and by our website (
  • regular customer care training for our staff so that they are helpful and knowledgeable.

To provide an efficient customer service by

  • Welcoming and guiding you to the appropriate desk as people come first in our service.
  • Processing your application promptly and accurately.
  • Keeping your file strictly confidential.
  • Using and disclosing the information you give us only as allowed by the law.
  • Keeping our costs to a minimum.
  • Aiming to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction in the Association’s business.

To be accountable for what we do by

  • Setting standards for ourselves and stating how well we live up to them.
  • Responding promptly and answering to queries from our customers.

And in return, we rely on you to

  • Be courteous as usual to our staff.
  • Give us accurate information and to fill in correctly the forms.
  • Check your payslip and credit advice regularly to ensure the correct amount is being deducted / paid.
  • Inform us of any change of address, employer or Bank Account No.
  • Contact us immediately in case you intend to resign or to proceed on leave without pay.

If you are not satisfied,

  • Ask for your case to be looked at again.
  • Forward your complaint by email or fill in a complaint form and drop it in the complaints and Suggestion box at the Reception desk.
  • Write to Management.
  • Appeal to the Board of Directors.

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